Mirumoto Kettou

A bushi of few words.


A slight man, a few years beyond his naming, a shaved head, bare chested wearing green and gold. A large beaded necklace encircles his necklace, Taoist kanji scrawled onto the orbs. Unlike most dragon, he is free of tattoos. The bushi tends to always be in the presence of his charge, Isawa Takkeji. His demeanor is reverent mixed with meek when within the courts, and he walks softly in such places and rarely speaks. However, his eyes remain alter and his hands often touch obi or drift closer to the handles of his blades.



“A man does what he can, until his destiny is revealed.”

Kettou was always gifted with his blades. As a boy his skill was noticed by his sensei and he was taken into a prestigious school. There his excellence excelled further, along with his peer Mirumoto Takezo, they began to expand the school’s teaching of the sword style with their sensei’s permission.

Upon his name day, Kettou was given his great grandfather’s diasho, a sign that his revered ancestors spirit has returned. Kitsuki Toju (Kettou’s great grandfather) was a feared Justicar (high level magistrate) of the Dragon Clan, and his blades returned to the Empire was seen as a great sign to the Dragon. Kettou was even given a prestigious position of yojimbo to Isawa Takkeji due to an alliance struck many years ago in The War of Endless Scrolls.

However, not all went well. Kettou completed his gempuku two years before his charge, and traveled to the Phoenix lands to grow accustomed to their way. While there, his interactions with the courts were very very sparse and always seemed to end in a disaster of some sort. The young bushi often seemed sick with a weak stomach soon after entering the courts, and after a few moments of very stilted conversation (for a Dragon in any courts, save their own, is a rare thing indeed) he would rush out with an eta close behind offering him a bucket. When his stomach did not trouble him, he was very slow in his responses to the endless curiosities of the courtiers, which made them ply their questions to him all the harder, and he in return stammered out slow responses with panicked looks.

Eventually this situation came to a head, when a visiting contingent of Crane came to the Phoenix lands to try and help heal the rift caused by the death of the Phoenix Clan Champion. A Kakita in their midst saw a chance to try and ply a philosophical rivalry between dueling styles. However, Kettou’s slow responses and panicked glances to the crowd made the Kakita grow impatient and crass. When the Crane made a mild challenge to the young Dragon in a flippant moment if frustration, Kettou drew his blades and cut him down. Kettou was then escorted from the court and not seen for another two years.


His return to the Emerald Empire was on the naming day of his charge, where he was a much more silent and less social man. He has since remained mostly silent at all of gatherings and allows his charge to speak for him. When he does utter a word, it is quick and to the point.

  • Kettou finds the dojo of Kijome, and sets aside his journey to study the blade with the old man. During his studies, he learns much about the importance of stances and sees how they can be used like a blade. He has a dream, one that leaves a deep impression on him, and after the dream he developes a Kata named Breath and Steel.

Mirumoto Kettou

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