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(Yabusame- mounted archery)
(Jinba ittai – 人馬一体?, "person [and] horse [as] one body)

She holds herself with a fluid posture as if the horse is carrying her across Rokugan, bending and swaying around obstacles in her path. Her eyes are wide and blue like a cloudless day and captivated by all that’s around her. They glimmer with fascination and a desire for exploration when she is outside and able to roam free. When she converses with anyone, there is a persistence that is difficult to sway; it is not stubbornness, nor irrational bullheadedness, it is simply the persistence of a steady drum or perhaps a better analogy is the constant trot of a horses hoof. Her sable hair catches the slightest breeze, gesturing a warm greeting to the air Kami and smells of savory spices of far away lands.

It has been said that the warmth of her presence could melt the winter snow and speed of her fist could crack the ice should the ice warrant her ire.

She does not dress typical of a shugenja, but more like someone who is ready to be on the roadways than to be in court. Her kimono is of the rich violet hue of her clan and is decorated with white peonies that accent the arm she uses to draw her bowstring. The delicate flowers sweep down to the pleats of her hakama of a yellow that fades into the orange hue of the setting sun.

When she is actually dressed for travel, she is always dressed as if an arrow may be unleashed in a moment’s notice. Her muneate (the chest protector worn by female archers) and morogake (five-fingered glove used for drawing the bow string) are black dyed leather that, when caught by the right amount of sunlight, reflects a glint of inky violet that brings to mind the oncoming of night.






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Ide Hitomi

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