Shiro Matsu

Shiro Matsu, or the Last Breath Castle in the Yama province is the ancestral home of the Matsu family. Located just north of Beiden Pass, it is a strategic holding in the heart of the empire.

The castle is immense, over a hundred feet tall at the summit, with sprawling courtyards, tortified entries, practice grounds, dojo, and smithies. Its walls were built by Crab engineers, and a cliffside forces all who approached to travel through a tiny pass, known as the Lion’s Teeth. The purpose of Matsu Palace was originally to defend the Lion trade routes, keeping the roads clear for the movement of food and supplies. The castle was proven when it was besieged by Crane or Scorpion enemies, but had never fallen in battle. It is the headquarters of the Second Matsu Army. 7

Shiro Matsu serves as a military outpost in the center of the defenses of the southern borders of the Lion Clan. Many battles had been launched from here, the most brutal of them the defense of Kyuden Ikoma and subsequent capture of Shiro no Meiyo from the Scorpion Clan in 533.

Shiro Matsu could be described as stark, and most would consider a position as guest there to be a terrible punishment. They could expect only the most basic accommodations, and expect to be awakened well before each dawn by the cacophonous noise of thousands of samurai training in the vast courtyards.

Important NPCs (the players have interacted with)
Matsu Yumi

Important Locations:
Dancing Horse Inn


Shiro Matsu

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