Ryoko Owari

Ryoko Owari Toshi, or Journey’s End City is the second largest city in Rokugan after Otosan Uchi. It is also known as City of Lies, City of Stories, City of Green Walls, City That Dung Built, or among the Crab Clan “Reeking Scorpion Cesspool.” It is a city known to be a hub of anything one could possibly desire, either honorable or dishonorable. It has a reputation for being a hotbed of criminal activity, having many gambling dens, geisha houses and opium parlors. The city has maintained a mask of legitimacy as Rokugan’s center for medicinal opium trade. Poppies are grown in vast fields that surround the city, and it’s involvement in the opium trade (both legal and illegal) has made the city very profitable for its rulers.

The city was founded by Shosuro Kaneie in the 5th century under the rule of Hantei IX. It was a simple fort which stood against the expansionistic ambitions of the Crab Clan, with a nearby small town north of the fort named the “Journey’s End” in hopes of attracting settlers. The city would be known as the “City of Green Walls” because the original city walls were quarried from local limestone.

NPCs of Note
Bayushi Momoko Glory 5
Kakita Hannako Glory 3
Shiba Shonagon Glory 3

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Ryoko Owari

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