Midori no Izumi Mura

Midori no Izumi Mura or Green Spring Village

A small village hub for several farming communities in Crane lands along the Spine of the World Mountains.

NPCs of Note
Lord Kakita Tsuzumo Glory 4

Locations of Note
Monument to the Heart’s Folly: Once a summer palace for wealth artists, the estate was made into a small village in it’s own right to over see large swaths of fertile Crane Lands. The estate had been let to slowly lose it’s beauty over the centuries but met it’s true end at the hands of it’s lord, Kakita Tsuzo. Tsuzo had brought an unkonwn woman to live with him as his wife, but with her she brought great evil, practicing the forbidden magic of the Dark Lord and twisting Tsuzo’s mind with it. He turned his back on his duty and allowed her to practice her horrible magic and blight the land he had sworn to protect. Only his eldest son resisted him, his loyalty to the Emperor and the Clan too strong to allow his father to disgrace their family. The son was imprisoned. It was not until a group of samurai came that matters were set right. But it was here that the old palace was entirely destroyed at the hands of a Lion bushi. In his quest to ride the house of the taint, he set it a blaze, sending his servant to warn the other peasants so they might run to safety outside of area as there would be much bloodshed when the samurai begin their work. With no peasants, the guards to left to contain the fire, making it easier for the heroes to enter and dispatch with the great evil that lived there. The house was destroyed in the fire and a much simpler estate is being constructed for the current lord, Kakita Tsuzumo on the edges of the old one. The remains of the old palace sit as burned out reminders of what evil can do if allowed into one’s home. The area is said to be haunted by some, by the ghosts of the soldiers that died dishonored that night.

A tori arch was errected where the old gate once stood. The names of the Heroes of Green Spring Village, etched in:
Akodo Yoshihiro, Fire Bringer and Breaker of Chains
Daidoji Hikaru
Kitsuki Ryoma
Mirumoto Takezo
Mirumoto Kettou
Ide Hitomi

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Midori no Izumi Mura

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