Kyuden Kakita

A fortress and a work of art, the capital of the Kakita provenance is home to the many artisan academies of the Crane. While Kyuden Doji is known as the most glorious of the Crane capitals, the palace and surrounding city of the Kakita exemplifies the goal of the family’s many schools: the pursuit of perfection, and the perfection of beauty. Manicured gardens, masterful sculptures, and architecture that inspires the imagination— there is little question that this is indeed an artistic capital of the empire.

The gates of Kyuden Kakita never close. A curse laid upon the city long ago states that any child born within the city’s walls while the gates are closed may never pick up a blade or they will betray the clan. Since then the gates of Kyuden Kakita never close— save once, during the birth of the current Kakita daimyo, who serves the one of the greatest courtiers in the empire’s history.

NPCs of Note
Asahina Ai: The mellow tea house attendant (Glory 1)
Asahina Moku: The Asahina the party turned the boy over to. (Glory 5)
Yoshi: The young peasant boy adopted by the Asahina (Glory 0)
Kakita Taniguchi: Hikaru’s old classmate. (Glory 3)

Locations of Note
Ivory Petal Inn
Kakita Dueling Academy

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Kyuden Kakita

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