Kyuden Bayushi

The palace of the Scorpion Clan Champion and surrounding city. The palace is built atop a low plateau in the center of an open plan, making it impossible for hostile forces to approach undetected. Navigating the plateau is difficult as it is made up of winding canyons that seem to be a maze in of themselves. It is one of the three most extravagant family palaces in the Empire (the other two being the Doji palace and the Mantis Clan palace). It is also guarded by one of the largest standing armies in Rokugan, not that you would notice approaching the palace itself. The plateau and walls seem the only defense to the naked eye, with large towers, and balconies opening up over the planes and forest surrounding the palace, giving it almost a delicate look.

The only obvious approach is through the crags and canyons of the plateau and through the otter city surrounding the palace.

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Yogo Adi

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Kyuden Bayushi

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