Kosaten Shiro

Kosaten Shiro in the Kosaten province is also known as Crossroads Castle. The castle was constructed two centuries after Shiro Daidoji when the Crane Clan realized that their disagreements with the Lion Clan would not abate over time. Moving troops from Shiro Daidoji to the Lion border every time there would be a conflict was just not practical, and Kosaten Shiro was created between the Crane lands and Shiro Matsu. Due to its smaller size compared to the Lion Clan’s fortresses, the defense of the Crane relied on the more unorthodox tactics of the Daidoji Army.

Four times a year the city is visited by the Emerald Champion, to be given the obliged periodical report by the Emerald Magistrates of the provinces nearby.

NPCs of Note
Daidoji Kashi Glory 4
Daidoji Koshi Glory 4
Kakita Kunai Glory 2
Iwasaki Hanna Glory 1


Locations of Note
Fog and Sweet Flowers Tea House

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Kosaten Shiro

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