Kaia Osho Mura

A sizable town on the edge of Kitsune Mori, this village accounts for the majority of Fox food production and is guarded by the vigilant shugenja of that peaceful clan. Unicorn samurai often travel here to take in the natural beauty of the lands of the Fox.

Kaia Osho Mura is also extremely close to one of the great bridges of the empire, the Umeda Bridge, which is one of the few bridges crossing the River of Gold in the south of the empire. The view of the setting sun from the Umeda Bridge is considered to be one of the great views of the empire and is a popular subject in painting.

The lord of Kaia Osho Mura, Lord Kitsune Ekaido, is well known for his mutable temper— generous and hospitable in good times and severe and unrelenting when pressed. His family ties to the emperor keeps his region out of political games while still prospering from active trade between the clans. It’s position between Crab, Crane, and Scorpion lands heightens the town’s influence without bringing it to the attention of many.

Notable Residents:
Lord Kitsune Ekaido (Glory 6)
Kitsune Miori “The Fox of Nine Tails” (Glory 5.5)
Kitsune Yui (Glory 4.5)
Asahina Goro (Glory 4)
Shinjo Dorio (Glory 4)
Hida Tsuniko (Glory 3)
Bayushi Naoki (Glory 1)
Kitsune Amuriki (Glory 1)

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Kaia Osho Mura

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