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  • Combat Casting

    h3. Spells Casting in combat is very dangerous. If a spell denotes that it requires full or intense concentration, or take more than one action to cast they are considered to be distracted and their reflexes are considered 1 for the purposes of TN to …

  • Kitsune Miori

    Miori was trained at the Kitsune shugenja school and served as an emerald magistrate for many years. He "retired" from his service to the empire 30 years ago and returned to act as a magistrate for his own clan. About 10 years ago he retired again and …

  • Isawa Takkeji

    All Phoenix children are tested for their magical aptitude at a young age. During their sixth year, generally. Takkeji entered the school a little earlier; his father wanted the questions to end, he wanted peace. Most of all, he wanted his family to …

  • Ide Hitomi

    [GLORY 0] [[File:357383 | class=media-item-align-none | KIMG0193.jpg]] [[File:372933 | class=media-item-align-none | KIMG0229.jpg]] [[File:366864 | class=media-item-align-none | 773951572_247.jpg]] Hitomi's fan

  • Yoshi

    The party discovered this young boy while herding peasants to Kyuden Kakita. The little boy seemed to be able to commune with the kami. They turned him over to Asahina Moku when they arrived.

  • Asahina Moku

    Known for his many years of service as a healer at the Kakita dueling academy. Known to disagree with his family's pacifistic role within the Crane, he keeps himself at Kyuden Kakita.