Tag: Green Spring Village


  • Green Spring, Red River part 1

    The party emerges from the darkness of their journey to encounter the outlying farms of the [[Midori no Izumi Mura | Green Spring Village Hub]]. The continue on the road, a thing layer of snow across the grayed out landscape. Peasants seem to toil in the …

  • Green Spring, Red River part 2

    Through use of cunning, blades, and the blessings of the kami the party escapes from the bathhouse and finds the side door of the estate. A well placed "distraction" by the Lion sends the estate on high alarm as guards organize to put out the fire …

  • Midori no Izumi Mura

    Midori no Izumi Mura or Green Spring Village A small village hub for several farming communities in Crane lands along the Spine of the World Mountains. NPCs of Note Lord [[:kakita-tsuzumo | Kakita Tsuzumo]] Glory 4 Locations of Note *Monument …

  • Kakita Tsuzumo

    The current lord of [[Midori no Izumi Mura | Green Spring Village]], he had been imprisoned and tortured by his father while he was under the power of a maho user. The party set him free and assisted in cleansing the lands.