Yasuki Kome

The savvy business man with all the answers.


Not young, but not old. He has knowing eyes and a smile that seems to say he’s seen your kind before and knows exactly what you need, but more importantly what you want. He decorates himself in pretense, but it’s obviously just for appearances.


PCs met Kome when they were hired to guard the caravan of Kakita Kunai through Beiden Pass. He was acting as the caravan task master.

He is known to PCs who have spent time in Fox Lands before.

Yasuki Kome is the master of the local sake works. No sake, plum wine, soju or other heavy drink are made in the region without Kome’s approval. Every tea house and inn (and lord’s manor) is supplied by him.

Heritage or Courtier for more information.

Yasuki Kome

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