Shosuro Sen

"All according to plan..."

Shosuro Sen is unusual-looking for a Scorpion, with ice-blue eyes and sparse streaks of white in his hair. His handsome face and genial nature tend to put others quickly at ease, even as they suspect he is up to something. Sen avoids the crimson frequently worn by his clan, favoring simple, modest robes of black with sparse white underpinnings. His masks tend to either be a broad hat and simple pair of spectacles while traveling or heavy, full-faced masks that completely obscure his features when expecting trouble.


He has the easy, dry demeanor of a well-traveled, worldly scholar; quick with a quip or topical anecdote for nearly every situation. He’s basically that friend of your older brother’s that did his Master’s somewhere overseas (what was it in again, Anthropology? No, some kind of cultural studies. Anyway, he must have a pretty good job because he’s always travelling…) and can probably find you good drugs, but you don’t want to ask because you don’t want him to think less of you.

Shosuro Sen

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