Shinjo Dorio

The noble and stronghearted magistrate stationed at Kaia Osho Mura.


Short cropped black hair, a goatee, and uncommon youth in one with so high a rank, Shinjo Dorio has achieved much in his short life. His look is foreign, though common among the Unicorn. He walks proudly, but in a way different from other samurai. He is quick with a smile and is often times too familiar for the comfort of other Rokugani around him.


It is no secret that Dorio is far younger than his counterparts that have achieved his station in life. However, it the tales of his valiant exploits are no secret, and he has earned every bit of respect he currently has. He was stationed at the watchtower of Kaia Osho Mura to assist the protection of borders from the Ronin lands to the South both as a thanks to the Crab for their duty to the empire and to the Fox as cousins to the Unicorn.

Roll Courtier or Heraldry for more information.

Shinjo Dorio

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