Kitsune Yui

The beautiful young wife of a local noble.


The new wife of Kitsune Miori, she is elegant and beautiful, and clearly used to being in much grander surroundings. While more mature than most new brides (she is said to be in her early 20s) she still holds the air of youth, not unlike her aged husband. Yui normally adheres to a more colorful palette when dressing then many of the Kitsune wives in the village., favoring dark orange and gold in place of brown. Her hair is normally up, and arranged with the flowers of the season.

Despite her husband’s age, Yui is already with child. The rounded belly on her small, orange covered, frame seems to be announcing the dawn more than a baby. She beams from the pregnancy, pleased to have a child at last.


Roll Courtier or Heraldry for more information.

Kitsune Yui

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