Kitsune Unani

A determined mother and socialite.


Determined, analytic eyes seem to take in the entire scene around her despite a tone that suggests there isn’t much going on in her head. She is quick with a compliment and seems to counter her husbands reserved and measured speech with many, many words.


Wife of Kitsune Ekaido, it was discovered that she was originally a member of the Hare clan. Usagi Uni was her father, a minor lord of some note and history with the Fox (mainly aggressive). It was discovered that Ekaido dueled and killed Uni a week prior to his marriage to Unnani— which itself was done with little fanfare or announcement in midsummer. She has since been his wife for about 10 years (wedding one another just as he took the post overseeing the village and its lands).

Kitsune Unani

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