Kitsune Miori

A friendly but mysteries old shugenja.


While old enough to have retired and pursued enlightenment as a monk, Miori remains an active member of his clans society. Still, this does not keep him from often times looking the part. He keeps his head shaved, though his mustache seems to change with the season, long and gray over the winter and then shaved clean in the spring. His face shows his age, at nearly 70 years, he is ancient by Rokugani standards, and the creases on his face reveal a man who has known great joy and laughter in his time. Though age fades colors to gray and white, his eyes are a brilliant green, like the forest after the summer rains.


Miori was trained at the Kitsune shugenja school and served as an emerald magistrate for many years. He “retired” from his service to the empire 30 years ago and returned to act as a magistrate for his own clan. About 10 years ago he retired again and chose to live out his days in Kaia Osho Mura at his families estate, where he seems to have found renewed energy actively advising his lord, as well as taking a new wife a year ago. While a man in his 60s, he seems to have the energy of a man a fourth of his age.

Courtier, Law, and Heraldry for more information.

Kitsune Miori

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