Kitsune Ekaido

The lord of Kaia Osho Mura.


Cold eyed and steeling in demeanor, the lord of Kaia Osho Mura is a stern man with a set jaw. His time representing the Kitsune in Otosan Uchi trained him to reveal as little as possible with his body, often times finding a stillness that is unnerving. He is a mature man, in his 40s, his hair delicately graying A rather deep scar traces a line from above his right eye, back into his scalp along the temple.


Lord of Kaia Osho Mura and the surrounding villages, Ekaido ascended to his current position 10 years ago, after serving the clan daimyo well as the ambassador to Otosan Uchi. He has a wife, Unani, and two sons. He is the Fox clan daimyo’s cousin.

Roll Courtier or Heraldry for more information.

Kitsune Ekaido

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