The Price of Honor

The Slightest Breeze

Game 1: 8/28/2014

The party arrives at the Emerald Champion’s palace to find at last meeting one another. After a splendid display of flower arranging, they are led into another chamber where they find 7 tea cups laid out, one in the colors of each clan. The cups are fewer than the number of invited guests— but as the contemplate this riddle, a door slides open and their host enters.

The famed courtier, Otomo Sayumi enters, her bodyguard and servants in tow. She takes her seat and at once notices the cups and number of people. She apologizes for the oversight, claiming that the servant who set up the tables must have been working from an “earlier list” and promises they will be punished for the oversight. Through a thorough exchange with this high ranking individual the party learns some of the intrigues that led to their current state, but this leaves more questions than answers.

Sayumi tells them that the peasants fleeing north from the southern Crane lands must be stopped. This is there first task, to ensure that the peasants remain at their posts and do not abandon the farmlands so that the spring planting may take place. The way in which the party chooses to do this is entirely up to them.

After a few more barbed quips, the party is dismissed and adjourns to the Quivering Petal where they discuss what to do next. A conversation, a few acts, and a torn mon later, information slowly makes their way to them from a variety of sources and they plan their next move— agreeing to set out in the morning, heading for Kosaten Shiro and whatever they discover about the peasants along the way.


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