The Price of Honor

Split the Difference-- and possibly the Yasuki

Game 11: 6/04/2015

The party finalizes plans in Kyuden Bayushi and further investigate the two Scorpion agents fighting over their caravan. It’s discovered that each are representatives of certain “business interests” but were both hired to acquire and deliver the exact same caravan by the same individual. Miya Nido for his daughter’s wedding. Both cargo manifests the agents were after included the official items on Kome’s own manifest (silk, sake, fireworks) as well as Kome’s extra manifest (several boxes of liquid void). What wasn’t on the list of items to be delivered was the box containing the curious artifacts.

A deal is brokered to avoid leaving Kome with broken legs and both parties agree to await the delivery at the intended location and deliver it to their drop point in Ryoko Owarit— thus satisfying both contracts and seeing who hired them to work against each other. On the way, the party encounters a Maho user who has summoned or smuggled several minor oni to capture the caravan. The party dispatches the two of the oni and the caster causing the others to fall into a pile of rags.

The party continued on towards Fox lands, traveling faster now that they are free of the caravan.


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