The Price of Honor

"Fox in the Hole!" or "Much Ado About Children."

Game 13: 07/08/2015

RECAP! At last the final teacup’s purpose is revealed as the party is introduced to Hida Munetoshi, the newest member of their band. Gathering themselves, the party arrives at court for the Lord’s pre-festivities for 7-5-3 day. In honor of that festival, when the village’s children are celebrated and blessed, the children of all the noble houses are present. Games and riddles abound as the children are allowed to play, which in of itself seems an utter breech of appropriate behavior in court, but the Lord and Lady seem pleased and it’s their house, so… The party meets the noble couple where they quickly learn of Lady Unani’s determination to see her sons well matched (seemingly targeting Mizuko in hopes of establishing Crane connections, ie rich Crane brides). Hikaru is trapped into offering a demonstration of his stance which is somehow twisted into the Crane sponsoring a tournament in Fox lands—let’s hope one of the Daimyos or the Champion is willing to put up a prize! A scandalous secret is revealed as Takkeji accidentally brings up the Lady’s father (a Hare who the lord killed just before the couple were married) and quickly becomes the social pariah he’s always longed to be. The eccentric family of Kitsune Miori is introduced and it seems more and more members of the party are related to him—what a coincidence! The festivities are cut abruptly short as a recently returned Fox, Kitsune Igi, vomits blood and collapses at the Lord’s feet (getting blood on the Lord’s kimono to boot!). Fearing contamination, several shugenja present call upon the earth to contain potential issues while the Lord commands the doors sealed and the children taken a safe distance away from the scene. The party begins their investigation and learns that Igi recently returned from Scorpion lands (that very evening). Yoshihiro makes some discovers about the structure itself and finds two Fox youths attempting to get foxy. Believing Igi’s death poison, Sadako, Ryoma, and Takezo begin to gather “evidence” but instead discover there are tiny worms in his bile and blood. Gross. Takkeji, observing his taboo from getting involved in people’s business by getting involved in people’s business causes Mizuko to reveal some dirty secrets— putting himself, Hitomi, Mizuko, and Hikaru in quite the pickle of honor! But that’s ok, Honor isn’t usefu… oh wait. Well, that’s what seppuku is for. Ryoma gets himself (well mainly Toro) in deep shit but luckily the poop seems clear of worms. Now what? Find out next time!


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