The Price of Honor

Finally Fox Lands!

Game 12: 06/23/2015

At long last the party arrives in Fox Lands and to their new home for the next five years, Kaia Osho Mura. They meet the local yuriki Hida Tsuniko, since service to Lord Kitsune Ekaido. After a short delay the check in with their new superior the emerald magistrate Shinjo Dorio. Political tensions seem particularly sharp with the party finding itself squarely in a tug of war between Dorio trying to investigate reports of bandits in the north and ghosts in the south while Ekaido seems set on keeping what control he has over his lands. With a formal court looming in a few short hours, the players have been charged with getting Ekaido to allow them to investigate his fields turning the first planting.


rene01 rene01

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