The Price of Honor

Faction 2

Teaser Fiction

“I trust my agent is in place?”

“Nearly, so. The entire group is crossing Beiden Pass as we speak. A Unicorn rider was sent by the Magistrate in the Fox Lands to make sure they were not in trouble.”

“My how he doubts his charges.”

The rider will be an unpredictable element in all this. He did manage to diffuse the Matsu situation in a way which suited us, didn’t he?”

It suited shorter term plans, though not longer. Nothing that I cannot fix, I must keep my own influences minimal until something distracts them.
“Do you think the others suspect our hand in any of this yet? Do you feel that Old Nine Tails worries he has harvested the fruits out of season?

“Perhaps. He has no doubt noticed that his choices met with some resistance, though he likely does not know from whom. The old man on the mountain has the greatest chance of seeing through my illusions. But let us hope he keeps to his monk’s life attending to the bells. The season of death if fast approaching, and hopefully the Lion – Crane war will keep the empire busy enough that they don’t notice the heavens. “

“What Nine Tails fears most, I think, is not the influence to switch those he’s worked so hard to have here… No, he fears me, he fears me not even knowing me. He fears where my fingers have touched on his delicate web or what faces of mine he’s said too much too.
:A deep breath:: Yes, even now I smell smoke and blood upon at least two of them- a scent that will last them through the next three lives. A third takes a first step in the shadows of hubris, only madness will be there to greet them in the crossing, though in that madness what an ally they would be. I would carve a new throne out of that pure hubris and seat my lord upon it.

Many will try to tempt that one, you may need to begin those pursuits early. I’ll leave you to your training.

Thank you. Good night grandfather.


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